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10 February 2000 -- ... we have no evidence ... that the Iraqis are ... reconstituting WMD

10 February 2000

... we have no evidence ... that the Iraqis are ... reconstituting WMD

*EPF403 02/10/00
Transcript: Pentagon Spokesman's Regular Briefing, Feb. 10
(Iraq/WMD, computer hacking/DOD counter-measures, N.Korea/missiles) (4360)

Pentagon Spokesman Admiral Craig Quigley briefed.

Q: Can we stay on Iraq?

Q: Sure. Go ahead.



Q: So one would think that you might be leaning a little more forward at this point with your level of concern -- not that the U.S. is about to go bomb the Iraqis -- but that your level of concern, I would think, would be going up right now?

ADM. QUIGLEY: Well, we've been concerned for some time, John. But again, I must say that we have no evidence to support that the Iraqis are specifically reconstituting a WMD capability.

Its past actions, its reconstituting or reconstruction and repair of buildings, all circumstantial and historical, if you will, none of which makes us feel very comfortable. But I would be remiss if I said that we could point to specific evidence of a reconstruction of that capability.

Q: So you are talking about intelligence, then. While the professor says they're building a large underground facility that may be doing offensive viruses, growing offensive viruses, you seem to be indicating that you don't have that because you have no evidence to support that they're reconstituting weapons of mass destruction.

ADM. QUIGLEY: Correct.