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20 September 2002 -- Iraq WMD dossier published by Prime Minister Tony Blair

20 September 2002

Iraq WMD dossier published by Prime Minister Tony Blair

The mention of this document is completely contextual it does not add anything new to the world’s consensus regarding the capacity and direction of Iraqi WMD programs at that time of it's publication. We have since it's publication been aware that both the British and American governments were troubled in publicly justifying the conflict. Even though privately each had already committed their respective countries.

We have found that previous to the documents publication within the "Downing Street Minutes", that the policy of war was set and that the facts and intelligence were in the process of being fixed as of the July 2002 timeframe. Since the facts to make the case were not in place before the planning begun it makes any new publications highly suspect. It is also suspect that the Dossier did not offer anything new to the argument that Saddam was capable of producing WMD.

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Notably I have even found reports that the dossier was plagiarized from work of journalists and student papers.

8 February 2003
Exclusive By Gary Jones And Alexandra Williams In Los Angeles

JOURNALIST Sean Boyne and student Ibrahim al-Marashi have attacked Tony Blair for using their reports to call for war against Iraq.

Mr Boyne, who works for military magazine Jane's Intelligence Review, said he was shocked his work had been used in the Government's dossier.

Articles he wrote in 1997 were plagiarised for a 19-page intelligence document entitled Iraq: Its Infrastructure Of Concealment, Deception And Intimidation to add weight to the PM's warmongering.
He said: "I don't like to think that anything I wrote has been used for an argument for war. I am concerned because I am against the war."
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